Working papers

Why do experts give simple advice?
Last updated: September 2022


Gender sorting among economists: Evidence from the NBER
Economics Letters, August 2022
data/code preprint

COVID-19, lockdown and two-sided uncertainty
(with Arthur Grimes)
New Zealand Economic Papers, April 2022

Research funding and collaboration
(with Jason Gush, Shaun C. Hendy, and Adam B. Jaffe)
Research Policy, March 2022
data/code preprint

Relatedness, complexity and local growth
(with David C. Maré)
Regional Studies, March 2021
data/code preprint

Dormant papers

Contracting with persuasive agents
Last updated: August 2022

Delineating functional labour market areas with estimable classification stabilities
(with David C. Maré)
Last updated: August 2020

Bundling and insurance of independent risks
(with Richard Watt)
Last updated: August 2017

Other writing

Climate change adaptation within New Zealand's transport system
(with Anthony Byett and others)
November 2019