Here’s a summary of my website’s traffic since the start of 2023:

Notice the spike on April 9, when Tyler Cowen linked to my post of Marginal Revolution metadata. That post is now my second most-viewed ever (just behind my post on applying to economics PhD programs).

Where in the world did those views come from? Here’s a summary:

Most visitors came from the US. This makes sense: Marginal Revolution is run by American authors who tend to focus on American issues. About a third of my US-based visitors came from California, New York, or Massachusetts. Bigger states tended to bring more visitors, but the relationship was not perfect. For example, Californians comprise about 11.7% of the US population but 15.2% of my visitors. These percentages differ due to selection effects: Marginal Revolution caters to educated readers who share the authors’ interests. Indeed, all my visitors saw the word “metadata” and thought “I want to know more.” I doubt the typical American would react similarly!